Hi there! I'm Fé, the founder of Florals by Fé and The Event Firm International. Florals By Fè is a boutique blossom shop. We came to be thanks to my love and enjoyment of creativity with flowers. I love to imagine, create, play with materials, dream of colors, textures, take a small little piece of inspiration and craft it into an entire experience. This passion remains fueled even after 15 years in the industry simply because I love to make people happy via beautiful one of kind creations. The art of a celebration is so embedded in mine and my teams work. I offer my unique vision to not just my brides but all my clients in a way that is more comprehensive than the typical florist. This is not a package, or a service, this is a relationship – collaboration that we build together.

Thanks to this philosophy of thought and work ethic I am fortunate to have built such incredible relationships with so many of our clients from all walks of life. Our original designs are recognized and appreciated by our ever-expanding client list including celebrities, dignitaries, corporations and five star hotels. With this we have achieved an excellent reputation locally, nationally, and worldwide.

These amazing clients allow my team and I to make magic happen in their homes, for their weddings, special events and in their gorgeous hotels. Whether it is a custom design or one of our signature arrangements we always use the freshest, most heavenly flowers the market can provide in both exotic and conventional blooms creating floral scapes that make all that encounter them smile.

So let us not only make you smile but inspire you, the interpretation of your wedding, special event or gala vision encompassing everything from paper goods, to linens, venue choices, to tabletop/environment styling, and a menu you can love and will remember for years to come, details that hint at your passions, even down to your wardrobe and the soles of your feet

So what are you waiting for? Let’s begin…

Our Collaborations

Florals by Fé has an amazing team, to this we always want to be able to raise the bar on our events and weddings. To accomplish this our collaboration of talents makes us a truly unique studio. It's not just one person who makes it happen, it's a team effort. Leading this effort is an very talented gent learn more about him and how he contributes to our design efforts. 







  Fé Domenech, Founder & Lead Designer

Fé Domenech, Founder & Lead Designer